Campbell’s Nursery has been a family-owned, local favorite for landscape design and gardening needs in the Lincoln community for more than 100 years. It’s known for its knowledgeable staff, quality products, cultivated ideas, and dedication to horticulture.

UNANIMOUS collaborated with the Campbell's team for many years, most recently revitalizing their existing brand. From leading focus groups, creating a strong and consistent communication strategy, designing a new logo, to updating all marketing collateral, UNANIMOUS has enjoyed partnering with Campbell's to elevate their brand.

Project Objectives

  • Lead a focus group with various Campbell’s customers to gain a deeper insight into the Campbell’s brand.
  • Develop insights from the focus groups to create a communication strategy with consistent messaging to effectively reach its target audiences.
  • Design a logo to position Campbell’s into the future, yet remain identifiable within the community.
  • Update various marketing collateral with the new brand for the brand launch.
  • Produce promotional videos focused on products and services in the spring and fall seasons.

Research & Focus Groups

UNANIMOUS kicked off the project with a discovery meeting involving the Campbell’s team, covering brand history, marketing goals, brand persona, and more. UNANIMOUS conducted a series of focus groups and numerous individual phone interviews to gather feedback from Campbell’s customers on several key areas. From there, we assessed communication, service, quality, pricing, and more.

Key Findings

  • Campbell’s is known for having the highest quality products and plant material in Lincoln. However, it is also known for being more expensive.
  • Campbell’s former logo lacked visibility and clarity among customers.
  • Customers desire more educational opportunities.
  • People choose Campbell’s over other landscape and garden companies in the area for the quality, local/family-owned aspect, and the consistency and longevity of the company.

Communication Strategy

After the data was collected, UNANIMOUS provided a communication strategy with a full analysis of the research key findings, key messages, elevator speech, and marketing recommendations for the future. The key messages that accurately describe Campbells’ new and improved brand included emphasizing quality and family ownership, and an engaging and educational community within the nursery. We established a positioning statement so staff and brand ambassadors can summarize Campbell’s services and strengths. Finally, a brand launch strategy included specific deliverables that the Campbell's team could implement to ensure the rebrand was successful.


A solid brand name and community presence contribute to a successful brand identity. Campbell’s has a strong legacy in the Lincoln community, and we knew it was important to encapsulate that in the new brand. The family tradition and history are identified and associated with the brand, and they wanted a recognizable logo to replace the name length in many branding aspects. 

UNANIMOUS presented many different options with vivid colors and strong typefaces to convey energy and revitalize the brand. The final logo is a bright green Ash leaf with a letter ‘C’ occupying the negative space. Various colors for the leaf are used to differentiate Campbell’s unique services such as the garden center, container design, landscaping, and education.

Alternate Logo Concepts

Brand Implementation

To reveal the new brand, UNANIMOUS designed several deliverables and promotional materials for Campbell’s. Apparel such as sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and gardening gloves all show the updated brand. Other branded marketing materials such as gift cards, handouts, and water bottles tied the new brand together. UNANIMOUS also designed and coordinated the installation of new interior and exterior signage at both Campbell’s locations, as well as vehicle wraps. Finally, a brand guide was created for Campbell's to provide brand standards and ensure consistency in logo, color, and type usage across all marketing communications.

Video Production

The goal of this project was to increase awareness of Campbell’s seasonal gardening products and services. This was accomplished by pairing strong visuals with a friendly and approachable voiceover. 

Each video package included a 30-second version, a 15-second version, and a 30-second audio version for radio and streaming. The UNANIMOUS team wrote scripts, created storyboards, hired acting talent, filmed on-location, hired a voiceover artist, and edited each video asset.

30-Second Commercials

Two women looking at a plant
Spring Commercial
Two women looking at a plant
Fall Commercial

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