Boone Central Public Schools

Boone Central Public Schools is a school district in Albion, Nebraska serving students in preschool through 12th grade. They are dedicated to educational excellence through character building, striving for success, and creating opportunities for students. UNANIMOUS partnered with Boone Central Public Schools to develop a unique logo and brand identity for the school community.

Branding and Identity

The UNANIMOUS design team began finding ways to reinvent an old symbol, the Cardinal. Modernization was a key priority, as the logo would allow for the creation of a distinct identity for Boone. In addition, this logo would help increase brand awareness for Boone Central.

The inspiration for the redesign came from the idea of a bird in flight. The final logo could be either the head of the bird or the full bird in flight. The text in the logo was also updated to complement the angles of the bird, which in turn provided the logo with a modernized yet sleek look.

Apparel Usage

Once the logo was finished it was applied to all Boone Central Public Schools items, including apparel for students, teachers, community members, and sports teams.

Designing a logo that can be used consistently across several materials and apparel helped to create not only a cohesive, trustworthy brand identity for Boone Central Public Schools, but a brand their entire school system can be proud of. 

"From start to finish, we appreciated how open UNANIMOUS was with us and how they went above and beyond to meet our needs for our logo. We feel that that the logo UNANIMOUS delivered can be used in many different ways that will help promote our school in a great way as we move forward." 

- Tanner Schutt, Middle School Principal

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