3 More Tips for Creating Business Videos at Home

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We originally posted a video and article about five tips for creating business videos at home, and now we're back to give you three more tips if you're looking to continue improving your video skills during quarantine.  

Whether you're using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it can be easy to overlook the angle and placement of the camera. Before recording your video or joining that Zoom call, take a second to adjust the framing of your camera. Consider tilting the screen, raising the device up, or moving to a new area. Try avoiding having the camera down below, looking up at you. Your audience probably doesn’t want to see your double chin or up your nose. 

In our previous video, we mentioned ways of improving the built-in microphone. But to take that next step, consider using an external microphone. An external mic is especially helpful when you're filming in a location with background noise that you can’t easily control or turn off. There are a few different options we recommend:

  • The headphone and microphone that came with your phone - This option is nice because the mic is closer to your mouth, which provides better audio. However, this option will really only work if there's little background noise as the microphone can still pick up sounds such as wind, cars, animals, etc.  
  • Wired Lavalier microphone - This also gets the mic much closer to your mouth, improving the audio quality. It also comes with different windscreens to add to the microphone when outside. These windscreens will help eliminate any background noises.
  • Shotgun microphone - This mic works great when you are outdoors, as it also comes with windscreens. These windscreens can cut down on the wind noise while filming outside. 

If you're filming with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, there’s a good chance you can find a cheap or even free video editing apps. If you're on a smartphone, we recommend the apps iMovie or Splice. And if you're on a Mac computer, iMovie is included free. Filmora is also another good option for Windows, Mac, or mobile. These apps give you all the basic editing capabilities you should need to polish and clean up your videos. 

By following these three tips, along with our original five tips, you'll be producing high-quality videos at home in no time.  Feel free to reach out to Patrick at PatrickM@BeUNANIMOUS.com directly if you have any questions or if you want any assistance producing your next video!

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