RENTAVAN has been providing van rental services in Lincoln for more than 25 years. It specializes in short-term rentals for churches, schools, teams, businesses, organizations, events, family, and personal use. It’s locally owned and operated and takes pride serving the local community by providing reliable, clean, and safe transportation options.

RENTAVAN came to UNANIMOUS to establish and strengthen the RENTAVAN brand, including a new company logo and brand enhancement to reflect the new ownership and persona. The rebrand led to designing a new website along with new marketing materials, apparel, and more to showcase the new brand.


  • Develop a communication strategy to position and differentiate RENTAVAN
  • Refresh the RENTAVAN brand and set the stage for the messaging platform
  • Develop an intuitive website to allow users to easily find information about available vehicles and book their trip directly from the website

Communication Strategy

To begin the project, we developed a communication strategy outlining the key differentiators for RENTAVAN. This included an intentional messaging strategy, elevator speech, and strategic marketing recommendations. The messaging strategy focused on positioning RENTAVAN as a locally owned company that prides itself on having a vehicle for any occasion and making the rental process as seamless as possible. A new tagline was also developed, "Your Plans. Our Vans.", positions RENTAVAN as a the go-to resource for when individuals need a reliable vehicle for any reason.

Logo + Brand Enhancement

We discovered the previous lowercase font looked passive and colors did not reflect the brand well. Changing the logo to capital letters and enhancing the brand colors created a “new era” of RENTAVAN highlighting the new ownership and future-focused vision.  

The logo redesign is more modern and visually appealing, while also telling a story for the company. The “A” is meant to visualize the shape and colors like lines on a road, adding some subtle, yet intentional symbolism. A style guide was created to provide the RENTAVAN personnel with reference for all marketing materials.

Promotional Materials

Showing off the logo in multiple ways was important to continue telling the story of RENTAVAN and displaying the new look. To gain awareness and showcase the vehicles, we designed license plate brackets, window decals, and sunshades. Branded apparel and tumblers for employees to have created a cohesive and consistent look, as well as flags and outdoor signage were also developed to display outside.

Website Design

Throughout the design and development of the website, an easier way for clients to book reservations was a critical factor. The site focuses on showing vehicle rental options, features, and prices so clients can easily see all the vehicle choices and ultimately make their reservation. Finally, the website is optimized to be mobile-friendly so clients can easily book a rental from their phone or tablet.


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