Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild

The Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild (NCBG) is a professional organization for both craft beer lovers and breweries. Its goal is to foster a Nebraska-centric community that is informed, enthusiastic, and actively creating unity among its members on market and public policy issues to create the most business-friendly climate for craft brewers. 

The NCBG needed digital marketing assets that helped illustrate and explain its organizational mission to potential members and craft beer customers. This task was accomplished by creating a video series that featured firsthand interviews with brewery members telling the story of their business, along with why they choose to support the NCBG.  

Video Production

This series highlighted the stories of six different breweries across Nebraska. Including Kros Strain, Blush Creek, Prairie Pride, Thunderhead, Zip Line, and Bolo Beer Company. The production team traveled to each brewery, met with the brewers, conducted interviews, and filmed action video clips. A key component of the series was uniquely capturing the story, brand, and community of each brewery while also incorporating the importance of the NCBG to the business’s success. 

The video series generated over 23,000 organic views, 529 likes, 38 comments, and 253 shares on the NCBG Facebook page. 

Additional Videos

Brewer operating bottling line.
Kros Strain Brewing Company
Craft beer sign.
Brush Creek Brewing Company
Beer poured from tap into glass.
Prairie Pride Brewing Co.
Brewery posters on wall.
Thunderhead Brewing Company
Brewer stirring beer in bright tank.
Zip Line Brewing Co.

"Jameon and his team are absolutely fantastic to work with. Their passion and commitment to their projects really show in the end product. I was lucky enough to work with them on a series of videos with the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. They worked hard to showcase independent brewers in Nebraska and genuinely had a blast while doing it."

- Gabriela Ayala, Executive Director

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