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Willet + Cumro Innovations

Financial Brand Architecture & Logo Design

Brian Willet and Matt Cumro approached the UNANIMOUS team to help create a brand architecture that incorporated the parent brand, Willet + Cumro, with opportunities for sub-brands with their own aesthetic appeal. While adhering to the same strong design elements of the parent brand, all brands lead to a strong connection with their clients.

Visual Brand Identity

The Willet + Cumro brand was designed to be flexible, sophisticated, and polished. With this in mind, our team utilized black and gray as primary colors with a touch of gold to establish the modern and timeless brand. Additionally, incorporating the use of a “+” instead of an ampersand to connect Willet and Cumro provides visual appeal as well as a positive subliminal message.

Brand Architecture

Willet + Cumro, the parent company of Advisor Game Plan (AGP) and Beyond Tangible Wealth (BTW), is a growing, financial advising company in the greater Lincoln area.

Commercial Video Production

AGP called upon the expertise of the UNANIMOUS video team to create impactful content for website videos. Inviting viewers to become part of the AGP culture through video, personalizes the introduction experience. This makes the audience feel as though they were meeting with Brian Willet in person.

UNANIMOUS and AGP collaborated, developing content and capturing footage for six videos in one production session. UNANIMOUS then created custom graphics to complement the visual brand identity developed by the design team earlier in the year, ultimately continuing to build the brand.

willet + cumro video shoot

“Great work from the UNANIMOUS team! We love the simplicity, versatility, and professionalism this visual identity provides our family of brands. Thank you so much for bringing our vision to life!”

-Brian Willet, Owner/Founder

Willet + Cumro Innovations