niobrara grain & milling packaging

Niobrara Grain & Milling

Product Branding, Logo Design, & Packaging

Niobrara Grain & Milling is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality organic wheat products. Recognizing the importance of establishing a strong brand presence in the competitive organic food market, they partnered with UNANIMOUS, a renowned branding and design agency. This strategic collaboration was aimed at developing a distinctive visual brand identity that encapsulates the essence of Niobrara Grain & Milling's commitment to quality.


Niobrara Grain & Milling Logo

Niobrara Grain & Milling Logo

Logo & Packaging Design Inspiration

Niobrara takes great pride in its product being labeled as organic and wants the brand to reflect its history and roots. The logo design is unique and connects to their home-grown roots, and embodies the high-quality product that they produce. It's imperative that the packaging design is clean and stands out amongst its competitors on the shelf. 

Niobrara Brand guide & standards

This partnership between Niobrara Grain & Milling and UNANIMOUS highlights the significance of a well-thought-out visual brand identity in connecting with consumers and differentiating in a crowded marketplace. Niobrara Grain & Milling is poised to enhance its brand visibility, convey its commitment to quality and sustainability, and ultimately drive sales and growth in the organic wheat market through its custom logo and product packaging. The brand guide includes logo use guidelines and color formulas to ensure the brand is always used consistently.