INSPRO is a leading national independent risk-management and benefits agency. Its services include risk management through insurance, bonding, employee benefits, and human resources consulting. INSPRO chose UNANIMOUS for help aligning its marketing efforts, designing a new logo, and creating a new website.

Discovery & Research

To begin the process, UNANIMOUS met with key INSPRO stakeholders to understand the INSPRO brand and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the risk-management and benefits industry. UNANIMOUS conducted both internal and external interviews with INSPRO employees and customers. Key findings from both sets of interviews included that INSPRO’s logo could be more modernized to meet the everchanging industry and the organization needed more clarity in customer communications. These insights paved the way for the communication and marketing strategy moving forward.

Communication & Marketing Strategy

With a solid understanding of the internal and external perceptions of INSPRO, UNANIMOUS began by writing key messages building off core values INSPRO already had and was known for. The key messages focused on building relationships, being trusted advisors, experts in the industry, and always staying up to date with resources. UNANIMOUS also developed INSPRO’S new tagline of “Proceed with Confidence,” a positioning statement, elevator speech, and developed a brand launch strategy.    

Branding & Identity

After the communication strategy set the new messaging platform, UNANIMOUS then designed the new brand. INSPRO wanted to ensure the brand had a humanizing content and was quick and easy to consume. It also wanted to keep the color green as it symbolized its continuous growth. After several options and feedback sessions, INSPRO went with the logo that emphasized the banner, a legacy element in the company’s original brand. The banner now symbolizes the “INSPRO Banner of Confidence” that it lives by every day. This subtle, yet critical element was the perfect “humanizing element” that INSPRO wanted. INSPRO also liked how the banner symbol alone could be used across mediums and its wide versatility for branding opportunities.

Marketing Collateral

After the new brand design was developed, UNANIMOUS began implementing the logo into brand collateral. An in-depth ID kit was designed for items such as business cards, letterheads, various types of envelopes, several types of thank you cards, and much more. A pocket folder and binders were designed to house all the new marketing materials. Detailed internal and external signage was also created to continue showing off the refreshed brand.

Web Design & Development

INSPRO offers a wide variety of services in many different industries. When developing the website, UNANIMOUS took these two factors into consideration to create a seamless user experience. To clearly communicate the industries INSPRO serves, we added internal pages for each industry and included the services and team members within that industry. This ensures visitors can easily find the industry or service they are looking for. Another goal of the website was positioning INSPRO as an expert and being a resource for its customer's problems. This was achieved with an “Are you Covered?” section that explains products every business should consider and why to better educate commercial industries when it comes to insurance. An additional element includes a “Client Tools” section that has all the information clients need to know, such as how to submit a claim after hours, various logins for their accounts, and a “Request a Conversation” form which allows users to submit information to speak to an agent. 

INSPRO has over 125 employees across six locations, and each employee specializes in a specific service. On top of listing every employee's headshot, and the leadership members bios, UNANIMOUS developed a user-friendly search option so you can easily filter by what kind of insurance you need, and find an agent matched perfectly to you.  

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