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Mainstreet Beatrice

Community Branding Campaign

Main Street Beatrice’s primary mission is to help promote local businesses and unify supporters of the downtown Beatrice community. The UNANIMOUS team developed a marketing campaign to promote downtown Beatrice businesses, engage and retain area residents for commerce, generate unity among the local community, and develop a downtown identity. A campaign visual identity, tagline, messaging, promotional elements, and a professional video were developed to launch the community-wide marketing campaign. 

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Community Campaign Naming

A campaign name was developed to best support the mission and goals of Main Street Beatrice. Live Vibrantly showcases Beatrice as a growing and thriving community with a lot of opportunities. The name encourages everyday life to be active, fun, and fresh. The campaign encourages the community to BE@ events and embrace the people, activities, and culture of downtown Beatrice. 

Community Campaign Messaging

Live Vibrantly. Embrace Main. The Live Vibrantly campaign is a movement to showcase Beatrice as a growing and thriving community with opportunities. We are encouraging everyday life to be active, fun, and fresh. As a part of that movement, shopping and supporting local businesses adds to the economy and promotes a stronger downtown (particularly the main street area). The campaign encourages our community to BE@ events and embrace the people, activities, and culture of downtown Beatrice.

  • A reminder: perfectly placed
  • An action: explore, shop, stay
  • An experience: experience downtown 
  • A feeling: thriving on main 
  • An opportunity: support community
  • An expectation: so much more
  • A comfort: BE@home
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Visual Identity

The visual identity for the Live Vibrantly campaign had to capture the energy and spirit of its mission. Our design focused on using the city's name with an "@" symbol for a playful and easily recognizable mark. This unique approach allowed the tagline to be tailored for any event or business promotion. The vibrant color palette reflects the campaign's lively theme, adding energy and enthusiasm to the brand. Cohesive branding elements, including marketing materials and media assets, ensure consistent representation across all platforms. The result is a visual identity that represents Beatrice's bright and exciting future. The community's visual brand identity speaks to Beatrice's vibrant future. 

Alternate Concepts

When working on visual brand identity projects UNANIMOUS always provides partners with multiple concepts that are in alignment with brand goals. Exploring multiple logo concepts provides a wide range of perspectives, capturing different facets of a brand's identity. This variety enables stakeholders to compare and contrast various visual elements and themes, fostering a deeper understanding of how their brand can be perceived. Additionally, having multiple designs encourages creativity and innovation, as our designers push boundaries to differentiate each concept. 

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