You Deserve Better Than WordPress!


Recently, we've received a lot of contact from people who are struggling with their WordPress websites. Here are a few of the common pain points and why we feel Drupal is the best solution:

Issues With Themes: Cookie Cutter

One of the most common issues we hear with WordPress is a problem with a theme. You’ve got what you think is the perfect theme, only to find out that 1,000 other people had the same thought! Or the theme you’re using doesn’t actually fit what you need after you’ve already spent countless hours working on it. This limited flexibility also leads to inadequate workarounds or hacks to get the desired look.

With Drupal and UNANIMOUS you’re not stuck married to a theme because the website we build you is completely custom to fit your exact needs. There’s no compromising or piecemeal, just the best solution every time.

Plugins & Quality Control

Plugins, they’re great until they aren’t and can leave you in a real bind. We’ve seen websites built entirely around plugins that either stopped working or the plugin developer stopped supporting it entirely. We’ve also heard horror stories of plugins completely breaking a website, negating other plugins, or bringing websites to a screeching halt. One of the biggest issues with WordPress plugins is the sheer number of them, which makes it difficult to discern which are good quality, which will last, and which will continue to be supported. For example, a search for a WordPress “slideshow” plugin yields 1,022 different results — how are you supposed to know which of these is best for your website or are quality built? Lastly, many WordPress plugins are sold at an additional cost and will charge you for upgrades.

Drupal doesn’t rely on plugins and instead uses “modules” or additional features or functions created using only unique and quality code that is selected to be distributed among the Drupal community. This quality control ensures better reliability, consistency, and functionality. Furthermore, if an issue ever arises, the UNANIMOUS development team can quickly fix it. There’s no submitting a support request, and hoping to hear good news in a few weeks.

Drupal doesn’t charge for modules and doesn’t allow people to create modules that already exist.

Security Issues

Security is a word that seems to pop up every day with the latest data breach or hack. Having a hacked site is no joking matter and can be a huge problem for your business or organization. WordPress websites and plugins have rightfully gained notoriety for hacking and vulnerability issues. With thousands of websites using the same theme or plugin, it can be very easy for hackers to attack.

Drupal is built on rigorous coding standards and tools to ensure better security. We are constantly monitoring our websites, implementing the latest security updates to keep your website safe. Our Drupal sites also benefit from being completely unique and not relying on shady plugins.

Growth Issues

“I feel like my website is held together with band-aids.” We’ve heard this numerous times, and it’s not a good spot to be as a business or organization. If your business is doing well, it’s likely growing, and that growth should be reflected in your web presence. WordPress websites start out fine, but once something needs to be added or expanded, it’s not always a simple fix, and less-than-ideal workarounds are sometimes used. This leads to the “Frankenstein effect,” where the website looks like its made up of different parts and is not cohesive.

One of the great benefits of Drupal is its adaptability to expand and fit your business’ growing needs. Drupal's use of fields, nodes, and taxonomy is incredibly powerful and malleable to every unique situation. Furthermore, our expert web developers will build a custom solution that is not reliant on plugins or themes.

Developer Skill

WordPress sites are very easy to build - which means everyone thinks they can and should be doing it. A good WordPress developer is a needle in a haystack. A real developer can build websites and fix them when something inevitably goes wrong.

Drupal sites require much more skill to build which means that people using it need to know what they're doing. More difficult to build websites does not mean more difficult to use. In fact, it’s the opposite. We custom-build every website to fit your needs and workload. We believe your website should work for you and not the other way around.

Developer Reliability 

“I’m on my third WordPress developer...” Your website experience shouldn’t sound like a jilted lover. Having a reliable developer that you can actually get a hold of and talk to is worth its weight in gold.

We’ve done the legwork for you and built a team of Drupal evangelists who are experts at their craft. This means high-quality websites every time that are tested and reviewed.  

Feeling the WordPress pain or have questions about your WordPress website? We’d love to answer them and show the Drupal way.


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