7 Straightforward Tips to Boost Your Brand

boost your brand

Budgets are tight. Teams are lean. The hats are many. And most of all, marketing has evolved.

Companies are now growth hacking, leveraging omnichannel strategies, and disrupting all over the place to build brand awareness.

…….. Wait, what?

How does anyone have time to do more with less, sift through all that noise, and still build a brand that means something?

While it does require some effort, we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be such an intimidating task, or one of those “when we have more  _______” (insert any of the following: time, money, resources) projects.

Just like any other aspect of business, your brand strategy should be intentional, which also means evolving and adapting to meet the needs of your organization and your audience. It’s something that you can improve upon every day in small, yet impactful ways.

It’s easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed when you’re smothered with nonsensical marketing jargon. We want to help you realize there are plenty of steps that you (yes, you) can take every day to enhance your image and create a more focused brand strategy… that has nothing to do with creating synergies with your turnkey solutions.

Here are some (buzzword free!) tips we picked just for you:

If taking a look at your brand seems overwhelming, then start small. Think about what your goals are for the next quarter (or month for those of you who are nearsighted). Is your brand prepared to handle the roads ahead? What steps should you take first to get your brand on track for the immediate future? Identify your priorities and start there first.

Set rules, guidelines, and standards for how your organization represents itself both internally and externally. Whether that’s the logo you use, how you talk about your organization, or the marketing materials you produce. Consistency builds trust — trust builds relationships.

What does your organization stand for? Your values are an integral part of your brand. They should reflect how you hire, evaluate, or even terminate employees. Holding your organization to the standard of your values helps your team live your brand.

Know your competition and take the time to understand what truly makes your organization different. How are you distinct, why is that better, what are you doing to communicate that, and why the heck should anyone care? Identify the value that you provide that others can’t and use that to push your organization further.

Who are you talking to? Where do they live? Who are the decision-makers, how do they make decisions, and when do they make them? How do they get their information, and most importantly, what do they care about? Branding is all about the consumer experience. The ultimate goal is to create a brand that people wholeheartedly identify with.

06 - BE REAL
Understand that authenticity is paramount, and never make promises you can’t keep. Be genuine, understand what you’re good at, and make sure you deliver to the best of your ability. Nothing ends quite as severely as expectations that are never met.

Sometimes you can be too immersed in your own brand to see changes that need to be made. Looking for help outside of your organization may give you fresh insight and help you to see things in a whole new light.  Conduct focus groups, distribute surveys, or engage in other forms of research to inform your decisions.

Some of the greatest brands in the world have gone through multiple iterations and extensive changes since they were first created, but it doesn’t have to happen overnight. These are all steps that you can take yourself to improve your brand today.

If you are in need of some direction or a partner to give you real advice, grounded in research and strategy, we are here to help. To learn more, contact Trent Wilcox at 402.423.5447 or Trent@BeUnanimous.com.