Ready. Reset. Refresh: Upgrading Your Brand


Considering a rebrand, but don't want a complete brand overhaul?

A modest or subtle brand enhancement may be more appropriate. UNANIMOUS can take an existing brand and upgrade it with a few minor, yet strategic adjustments and make a significant impact without losing hard-earned brand equity.

For example, a well-known legacy brand with a recognizable logo may just need some slight tweaks. Perhaps the colors shift, the fonts are elevated, or an existing icon is reconfigured to a more modern style. Some of the greatest brands have applied subtle changes over time to keep the brand relevant and up to date, yet remain identifiable to customers. 

Take the brand John Deere, for example. The organization has been around for more than 180 years, and the brand has continued to evolve over time. You can see the slight tweaks that have occurred since John Deere’s inception. No drastic changes were ever implemented, just subtle shifts to help maintain a relevant brand. A brand that wants to grow and meet customers where they are today, versus where they were when the company started, is a brand that will endure. This example, among many other well-known brands, such as Apple, Google, Coke, Pepsi, Target, and more, has learned the importance of staying relevant.  

brand evolution

Why not keep the brand the same if the adjustments are so minimal? As the landscape of your business changes, your brand needs to keep up. Your customers change over time. The industry changes. Your competitors come and go. Maybe your products and services have expanded or contracted.

It’s important to ensure your brand matches what your organization stands for today, versus what it might have been 10, 20, or 30 years ago. New competition enters the market every day and their brand may seem more modern, relevant, and approachable to your customers over your now decades-old brand. 

Hitting refresh on your brand will communicate to your audience that your organization is willing to grow and change to suit their needs, which enhances trust and builds customer relationships. 

How do you know if you are ready for a refresh? We’ve collected three simple signs of what to look for when deciding if it’s time for a shift: 

Lack of Versatility
Does the orientation or layout of your logo make it challenging to use in various applications? Is it hard to read at smaller sizes? Is it difficult to reproduce in one color or look awful when embroidered or cut in vinyl? These are all common signs of a logo in need of an update! Brands should be scalable and easily applied across all platforms, from web to print to social media and apparel. If you are struggling to make an outdated logo work in a variety of places you want to use it, your brand could use an upgrade.

Color Issues
Are your brand colors consistent across your materials? Does your brochure look purple, but your brand color is blue? Once your brand is updated, UNANIMOUS will provide you with a brand guide documenting the color codes and formulas needed to ensure accurate and consistent colors across all forms of media.

If your brand is inconsistently used across the organization, this is another deciding factor for a brand refresh. It's time to reign in your brand and create standards for how it should be used, but also how it shouldn't be used.

These are just a few of the signs that your brand might be ready to take that next step. If you are looking to reposition yourselves and upgrade your look without completely reinventing the wheel, a brand enhancement might be just what you need.

Is your brand ready for an upgrade? Contact us at for a consultation on how UNANIMOUS can help refresh your brand. 

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