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At UNANIMOUS,  four team members recently earned certifications in Google Ads Search and Display. This means our clients have a team dedicated to assisting their digital marketing initiatives! Each team member had to complete multiple lessons in Google’s online learning platform, Google Skillshop. Google Skillshop provides courses on all that Google Ads Search and Display has to offer. After completing the course requirements, each person took the Google Ads exam in both Search and Display and passed victoriously!

Google Search & Display

Have you noticed when you search for something on Google, the first few results have a green “ad” as apart of the result? Or have you been reading through a blog and seen an ad on the side of the page? As a part of the pay-per-click (PPC) family, Google Search ads and Display ads are staples for the digital marketer.  

First, the most common PPC type, Google Search campaigns, show up at the top of Google search results and on other partner sites like YouTube when people search for businesses or services like yours. By targeting users through keywords they search, you are more likely to deliver the right message to potential customers at the right time. 

Google Display campaigns are similar to search, but instead of delivering ads on the search page, your ads appear across a network of more than two million sites and apps. Keywords are still available as a content targeting strategy, but it is more common to target based on specific interests or topics.

Both types of campaigns are beneficial to your business and are worth a conversation about. If you want to know more about Google Ads, check out our blog, all about pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Experts

Our team has earned their certifications in Google Search and Display with courses directly from Google. They are well-versed in budget strategies, keyword optimization, and ad extensions. Digital marketing has many aspects that are new to the marketing world, and this team has a firm handle on them all.

Our Takeaways

Everyone takes away something different from what they learned. Here’s what our team has to share:

  • Being able to target the right audience at the right time is half the battle. Google makes it easy to access that audience with affinity audiences, detailed demographics, and in-market audiences. All of those solutions allow you to get specific on who sees your ad and when.
  • I’m a numbers nerd! The metrics available within the Google Ads platform is the game changer for me. Many marketing tactics are hard to track, but with Google Ads, you can see every click, view, call, and conversion. I love knowing that our campaigns are driving real results for our clients.
  • Both search and display have benefits for any type of business. Whether you’re a local bank, a big construction company, a car dealership, or any other type of industry, Google Ads can help you reach your business goals. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and leverage it for our clients.
  • Marketing objectives are the name of the game! Once we set your marketing objective, we can better understand how to optimize your digital marketing. Both Display and Search ads have different ways to get the most out of your efforts based on the initial goal!

Your Takeaways

Staying on top of best practices, knowing the ins and outs of the user interface, and consistently monitoring and optimizing campaigns. How does that sound for your digital marketing team?

As our client, you are working with not only a Google Partner but with a specialized team of advocates for your business.

We are with you every step of the way. From set up to monitoring and repositioning, the U-Crew is here for you.

We're starting 2020 off by dialing in our skills to bring you better results. No matter what you are looking to accomplish with your digital marketing, we have a solution for you. Our certified team is ready and excited to get started!

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