Emails You Want to Watch: Using Video to Improve Your Email Marketing

woman watching video in email

Many business marketers know the value of email marketing. But have you considered adding video as a component of your email marketing strategy? Using video for email marketing is a great way to get your business videos in front of the audiences, or email lists, that you've already built!

Why Use Video in Your Email Marketing?  

Wistia, a video software company, found that using video in an email led to a whopping 300% increase in email click-through rates compared to emails without video.

How to Add Video to Your Email

When we talk about adding video to your email, we aren’t talking about including a full video file in your email.

Unfortunately, only a handful of email platforms support playing videos directly within emails. Due to this hurdle, you'll need to use an image or animated GIF in your email that links to the video on your website. If you choose an image with a link to a video, make sure it includes a play icon to ensure your audience knows it's a video.

Using a GIF in Your Email 

If you want to go a step further and up your marketing game, add a GIF to your email. A GIF (an animated image) is an excellent way to convey information quickly and easily without embedding a full video.

GIFs play and loop automatically, making them a great tool for promoting and linking videos. Vimeo provides a quick and easy tool for creating GIFs for email marketing. Now keep in mind that if you are using the free Vimeo plan, your GIF will be displayed with a watermark.

How to make a GIF with Vimeo

By incorporating video into your email marketing efforts, you can see an increase in email open and click-through rates. For more tips and tricks on building your online presence through the use of video, check out our Ultimate Guide to Distributing Your Videos.

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