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Nebraska United Methodist Foundation

Christian Nonprofit Branding, Web Design, & Marketing Strategy

The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation (NUMF) provides many services and financial tools to the Nebraska churches, ministries, and members of the Great Plains Conference. It partners with churches, agencies, and individual members of the Conference in developing gifts and managing financial assets.

The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation and UNANIMOUS have partnered together for many years on various projects. We completed multiple projects, including a new website, an annual report, and other marketing materials such as booklets, folders, and flyers.

Project Objectives

Each project had its own unique goals and objectives it wanted to accomplish. For the website, it was essential that the navigation and content were easily accessible to the user and the visitor knew exactly what to expect when they landed on a page. When designing the 2018 annual report, it was important to capitalize on the lives the Nebraska United Methodist Foundation has touched and tell each story impactfully. For the pocket folder, flyers, and guidebooks, UNANIMOUS ensured that the messaging was clear and cohesive so users could understand the content about various investments, endowments, and campaign planning.

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Foundation Website Design & Development

When designing the new website, we wanted to focus on highlighting Nebraska United Methodist Foundation’s services and the benefits it provides to churches. The “church resources” and “pastor resources” sections include valuable information and various pages about funds, gift planning, workshops, and seminars. 

Other important pages include information about scholarships and grants for seminarians and churches. UNANIMOUS focuses on clearly displaying the scholarship and grant guidelines, application, and checklist so applicants can easily submit their applications. 

Nebraska United Methodist Foundation also needed an accurate “about us” section that clearly articulated what the organization provided and offered. The new page shows quarterly investment summaries, annual reports, the board of directors, staff, news, events, and downloadable forms.

Foundation Annual Report

For the third year in a row, UNANIMOUS designed an annual report highlighting key happenings and stories that occurred at Nebraska United Methodist Foundation throughout the year. We came up with this year's theme of “Generosity. Vision. Impact.” based on the emotional and touching stories from churches and individuals across the state.

This year’s report was the biggest to date because of all the recent success Nebraska United Methodist Foundation had in 2018. While the report mainly consists of impactful stories, it also features financial reports, affiliated churches, scholarships, and a letter from the director. The report was mailed out to around 1,000 people and distributed at an annual conference to over 500 people.

methodist foundation annual report design
methodist foundation pocket folder design

Branded Pocket Folder & Flyers

UNANIMOUS designed a branded pocket folder to easily fit all necessary guidebooks and important documents in. As Nebraska United Methodist Foundation frequently travels to churches across the state, having a packet that employees can easily give to pastors and ministries was important.

Several flyers were developed for Nebraska United Methodist Foundation promoting specific events they attended at churches. Flyers were then distributed to churches and passed out in the weekly bulletin. An overview booklet that explained NUMF and its services was also developed and distributed.

Guidebooks Creation

Nebraska United Methodist Foundation provides various services for churches and ministries to ensure the future is in the right direction. To help promote these services, UNANIMOUS created several guidebooks for Nebraska United Methodist Foundation to distribute to churches. Guidebooks included topics covering investments, estate planning, and endowments.

UNANIMOUS edited the copy and designed each guidebook, ensuring consistency while differentiating each book as its own. Each guidebook clearly explains Nebraska United Methodist Foundation’s specific services and the options and benefits within each. 

methodist foundation guidebook design