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Environmental Website Design & Development

Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRD's) are located throughout the state and work to conserve, sustain, and improve natural resources and the environment. UNANIMOUS has worked closely with a number of NRD's on website design and development projects. The new websites have created a stronger online presence and provided district residents with up-to-date information and news on important issues. UNANIMOUS has also assisted with branding components for several of the NRD's as well.

“UNANIMOUS did a great job of listening to what we wanted in a website and someone was always there to help. Zero frustration in a process where I assumed there would be.”

Nate Jenkins - Assistant Manager

Upper Republican NRD
natural resource district website design

Upper Big Blue NRD Website Design

Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District (UBBNRD) carries out a variety of projects and programs in forestry, groundwater management, land treatment, flood control, water storage, and education. It provides direction and assistance in the wise use, conservation, and development of more than 56,000 citizens’ soil, water, and related natural resources. UBBNRD came to UNANIMOUS for our expertise in website development. UNANIMOUS designed and developed a new website to have an overall improved navigation structure so visitors have a better understanding of who UBBNRD is and what it does. 

UNANIMOUS understands the goal of any website is to create the best user experience possible so that readers can easily find the content they need exactly when they need it. For UBBNRD, on top of a seamless user experience, it was also important to migrate into a user-friendly platform that can integrate with UBBNRD’s expanding social media and video capabilities. We also analyzed its old website analytics and discovered that most of its users came from mobile traffic, so we built the site to be mobile-friendly on tablets and phones.

Two of the biggest elements of the website were incorporating programs and resource tabs where visitors could easily find relevant information. The programs page highlights current initiatives it’s working on and also provides information on previous successful projects. Other features include educational opportunities encouraging visitors to get involved. The resources page features links to other natural resource districts in Nebraska, informing visitors what other districts are doing around the state. Several sections of fact sheets include information about the district and the Big Blue River. A forms section encourages visitors to fill out and submit for matters like water management, water sampling, parks and recreation, and more. 

When designing the new site, UNANIMOUS used the CMS platform, Drupal, to provide UBBNRD personnel with a user-friendly administrative experience. It was essential to have a system that was easy to operate to create a seamless process for updating events and pages. Another key factor was integrating PDFs, allowing visitors to easily find fact sheets, reports, newsletters, and more. Finally, having social media integration and a social bookmarking widget was important because of UBBNRD’s expanding video and social media capabilities. Other important features included upcoming events and recent news to share the latest information about UBBNRD and an about page so those can easily understand UBBNRD. Visit the site >>>

Upper Republican NRD Website Design and Branding

UNANIMOUS worked closely with the Upper Republican NRD on a new website design and branding. The new website features a large looping video backdrop to differentiate from other NRD’s and to highlight the important work being done on a daily basis. Visitors to the website can access an irrigation calculator, meeting information, and water levels. UNANIMOUS also updated the branding to a cleaner, streamlined design that’s better positioned for the future. Visit the site >>>

upper republican NRD

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Nemaha NRD Website Design

Nemaha NRD Website Design

UNANIMOUS designed and developed the Nemaha NRD website to better serve constituents and NRD staff. The modern design features beautiful photos, and up-to-date information on district news and recreation areas. Visitors to the website can easily purchase permits and find current information on rainfall totals. The new website has created the ideal hub for the district to use. Visit the site >>>

Nebraska's Natural Resources District Website Design

Nebraska’s Natural Resources District website serves as the hub for the state’s 23 NRDs. UNANIMOUS designed the website to promote the Nebraska NRD’s mission and news and provide an easy connection to the other agency websites. An interactive map displays every NRD territory and features useful pop-up windows with location information and website links. Additional maps and listings highlight each district’s recreation areas. Visit the site >>>

Nebraska's Natural Resources District Website Design
Middle Republican NRD Website Design & Branding

Middle Republican NRD Website Design and Branding

The Middle Republican NRD website design and branding was the original NRD to work with UNANIMOUS. The new website design allowed the MRNRD to consolidate information channels into one concise location. News and events are prominently featured throughout the website creating greater transparency. Visitors to the website can sign up for a newsletter, learn about programs and resources, and calculate irrigation water usage. UNANIMOUS also designed a new modern logo for MRNRD that better reflected the district’s forward-thinking approach and vision. Visit the site >>>

middle republican NRD logo

Tri-Basin Natural Resource District

UNANIMOUS designed and developed a state-of-the-art website for the Tri-Basin Natural Resource District (NRD), harnessing the powerful and flexible Drupal CMS platform. This site is a testament to the NRD's commitment to sustainability and community engagement, showcasing an array of featured programs that highlight innovative conservation practices and initiatives. A dynamic events calendar keeps the community informed and involved in Tri-Basin's activities, while a dedicated news section ensures that visitors are up-to-date with the latest developments and successes within the district. The website also serves as an educational hub, offering rich content on conservation strategies and educational resources, engaging a diverse audience. UNANIMOUS's design and development expertise shines through in the site's seamless navigation and intuitive user experience, truly encapsulating the essence of the Tri-Basin Natural Resource District's vision for a collaborative and informed public. Visit the site >>>

tri-basin natural resource district
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