Cheever Construction

Cheever Construction, a commercial general contractor founded 60 years ago in Lincoln, Nebraska, is committed to providing specialized solutions and services that align with each client’s goals. UNANIMOUS partnered with Cheever to build a website that showcased work and optimized its subcontractor bidding process.

UNANIMOUS broke down the design and development of Cheever’s website into two components; first, how to make the website a better sales and marketing tool and secondly, how to build in workflow efficiencies. Additionally, the website needed to better reflect Cheever’s employee-owned focus.

In order to make the website a better sales and marketing tool, design and development created a photo-rich, dynamic project explorer. This allowed visitors to search and filter projects based on a number of categories and criteria and view dynamically loaded portfolios. A printable PDF version of portfolios was included on each page as an additional sales tool. Internally, Cheever’s sales team can create custom portfolios to send to clients that include personalized messages, specific projects, and additional information such as project details.

Website Design Objectives

  • Create a more feature-rich website
  • Focus on capabilities, projects, and news
  • Completely overhaul the subcontractor bid process
  • Save the company time by creating efficiencies through online automation
  • Custom portfolio creation for sales team

Website Design Results

  • 3.5 minute average website duration which is outstanding
  • Over 4 pages visited per website visitor
  • Over 20% of site activity is bid room associated
  • Overall traffic increased 64% compared to the previous year

Online Bid / Plan Room

Cheever Construction was losing countless hours and money on an antiquated bidding process. UNANIMOUS developed an Online Bid Room to streamline bid submissions through automation and save the company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. This strategy allows Cheever to:

  • Easily setup a new bid opportunity and set access based on company and trade and make the bid private
  • Organize the entire subcontractor list into an online database and organize all data associated with the bid process
  • Send out the bid to the online database through two methods:
    • Email for subcontractors that are email based
    • Utilize a third-party E-Fax to automate faxing to fax-based subcontractors
  • Accurately track the process through bid intent, open rate, number of opens, print list, and call sheets to follow up

The new website has seen a dramatic increase in a number of key measures such as site duration, average pages visited, and overall page views. The increased website activity has directly led to increased project viewings and project PDF downloads. 

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