UNANIMOUS Adds Another Innovative Problem Solver

headshot of Holden Steinhauser

Holden Steinhauser, a dynamic force in the digital world, brings a diverse skill set and an innovative approach to the UNANIMOUS web development team. His expertise is diverse and makes him a valuable asset in developing engaging and user-friendly digital experiences.

Holden's strength lies in designing interfaces that seamlessly connect with users. However, he is equally adept at navigating backend technologies, showcasing his versatility as a developer. His determination to tackle complex challenges head-on enables him to confidently find effective solutions, making him a trusted collaborator on any project.

Holden has a tenacious spirit and is always ready to dive into new projects, seeking challenges that fuel his passion for learning. He is dedicated to continually acquiring new skills and knowledge to ensure he stays at the forefront of digital innovation and delivers impactful results for web clients.

“Holden’s multifaceted talents and dedication to continual learning make him a great fit for the custom web development services our team provides,” shares Matt O’Gorman, VP of Web.

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