UNANIMOUS Recognized as Certified Google Partner


We’ve been hard at work lately over here at UNANIMOUS. It's so hard that we have been recognized as a certified Google Partner! What does this new partnership mean? In short, it means we have expertise in developing effective Google Ads Search campaigns that deliver incredible results for our clients. We’ve worked hard over the last few months to meet all the criteria and now have been endorsed by Google itself for the progress we’ve made.

How Do You Become a Google Partner?

It all starts with Google Ads. At least two individual employees must become certified in Google Ads by demonstrating advanced knowledge of online advertising. They earn this certification through Google’s online training program, Academy for Ads. At UNANIMOUS, we have multiple team members who have earned these certifications.

From there, the company works together to meet a series of requirements. These include passing assessments, meeting Google Ads spending requirements, delivering company and client revenue growth, and sustaining and growing our client base. After all the hard work, you earn the Google Partner Badge!

That Sounds Cool, but What Does It Mean?

You can become a Google Partner in various digital marketing techniques such as search, mobile, video, display, and shopping. As a company, UNANIMOUS has received Google Partner status in search advertising. This means we can help you create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search and advise on keyword strategy and budget planning.

Do you know when you search for something on Google and the first three or so options pop up that have the green ‘ad’ word around it? It means we’re experts in making sure those ads are the best so people click on them and convert, resulting in new customers and increased sales for our clients.

So, What’s in It for Me?

Basically, it means you’re working with the best of the best. Rather than just saying how great we are at Google Ads, we have proof to show it. We’ve been getting business results by generating awareness, growing their customer base, and increasing sales.

Google doesn’t just hand these out to everyone; it takes hard work, dedication, and real experience to show results and success. Google’s advertising network is one of the world's largest online advertising platforms, so if you’re partners, you must be doing something right. Being a partner also allows us to keep up with the best practices, so we’re always learning the newest methods, staying on top of trends, and continuously improving to get you more results!

After all the hard work, we’re so excited to be able to share this exciting news. Next on our list? Google Premier Partner status and, of course, continuing to do the best work for our clients. After all, it’s thanks to YOU for trusting us with your campaigns and helping us achieve this important milestone.  

Let us help you with your next campaign! If you’re ready to reach new customers and increase your revenue with Google Ads, UNANIMOUS is here to help.

UNANIMOUS is a full-service branding agency based in the heart of the Midwest—Lincoln, Nebraska. They have partnered with clients to develop strong brand alignment through strategic marketing, creative design, engaging websites, and compelling video projects of all sizes. UNANIMOUS is known for collaborative partnerships and works with various clients nationwide. The agency prides itself on rhyme, reason, and results.

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