How to Select a Partner for Your Next Branding Project


At UNANIMOUS, we have a passion for branding, marketing, and web design, and we’re dedicated to always keeping you informed on the latest trends and happenings in the industry. 

A while back, we wrote a blog article about 10 things to consider when selecting a web design and development partner, but now it’s time to discuss what to consider before picking a branding partner! 

Whether you need a completely new brand, a brand refresh, or are seeking support on your brand architecture or alignment, selecting a branding agency can sometimes be the most difficult task of it all. There are lots of options out there, each agency offering its own unique benefits, so how do you pick one? The branding experts at UNANIMOUS have put together a list of seven things you should consider when selecting a branding agency.

Proven Processes

Completing any type of branding project is no easy feat. It requires staying organized and setting milestones that are clearly communicated to both parties. You’ll want to make sure the agency’s process is well-defined, and the expectations for each party are discussed. When you are diving into a branding project, you don’t want really nice creative that lacks strategy and intention behind it. Brands must have both form and function to make the most out of the project. A distinct process and deliberate approach make this happen. At UNANIMOUS, we use our JUMPSTART method, a proven process that has been bringing clients success for 40 years.

Investment & Insight

No matter what agency you choose and whether you’re rebranding completely or just updating your logo, a brand project is a serious undertaking. It’s important that both you and your agency have clear expectations when it comes to the budget. Before even beginning the project, UNANIMOUS lays out the costs in an easy-to-understand way and clearly articulates how the budget was calculated, what the scope of the project is, and how payments work.   

Portfolio of Projects

Looking at an agency’s portfolio gives you a good understanding of what kind of projects it has done in the past and what it’s capable of doing in the future. You want to make sure each project is unique, and logos don’t look similar. Your brand is one of a kind; it’s crucial that your name and logo are, too, so make sure you select an agency that has a wide variety of creative styles. Our portfolio lays out all the details of each branding project we’ve done and shows before and afters so you can get a picture-perfect description of the branding projects we’ve done. 

Creating a Connection

It’s important that you make a connection with the people you’ll be working with. No matter what type of brand project you’re doing, it won’t be completed overnight. You’ll be working with the agency for months, so forming a collaborative relationship is important to fostering an enjoyable experience and delivering high-quality results. One of UNANIMOUS’ core values is unity, and we believe that working together fuels ideas and imagination and helps ensure a successful project.

Initial Impressions

Make the most out of the first impressions you have before you’re officially a client. It’s important to assess how the agency interacts with you. Are they professional? Pay attention to the amount of time it takes to respond to emails; it’s important that the agency is responsive to you and your needs. The first few impressions you have can tell you a lot about how it would be working with the agency on the project. We’re firm believers that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we make it a point to respond quickly, keep the conversations lively, and respect the time you’re taking to get to know us.  

Longevity & Lifespan

Be sure to consider how long the agency has been around and how much longer it plans to be around. It’s common for agencies to pop up, do a couple of projects, and then go away. You want to ensure your agency has been around and plans to stick around. Looking at how long the agency’s been in business gives credibility and a good understanding of the experience and type of branding projects it's done. UNANIMOUS was founded in 1979 and has been bringing clients success for 40 years, and we’re looking forward to the next 40 years. 

Passion & Purpose

When deciding on an agency, ask yourself, “Do they understand my business,  goals, and how I impact the world?” It should be clear that the agency has made known its ability and desire to help you achieve those through an intentional and strategic creative strategy. Make sure that they care about what you do as a company and your overall mission. If they truly don’t believe in your purpose, will they care about the project? Probably not. It’s important that the agency knows what you stand for and agrees with that so they can do the best work for you. An agency driven by a passion to serve its clients and advance your mission is the agency that will bring you the greatest results. 

No matter what kind of branding project you need, remember to keep these important items in mind. Any type of branding project is a big endeavor, and you need a reliable, talented agency to bring your brand to life!

Stay tuned in the coming months for a  final article in this series on selecting a marketing agency for your next big project! Whether you’re launching a new campaign, overhauling your print materials, hosting an event, or wanting to build brand awareness, UNANIMOUS is here to tell you all the important elements to look out for.

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