3 Quick Tips for Posting Your Business Video to Facebook

hands framing a video diagram

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It’s a great place for posting and consuming video content, especially since it has video features such as autoplay, live video, and playlists.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t realize that Facebook has its own specific tool for uploading videos. Wave goodbye to the practice of embedding YouTube links and say hello to Creator Studio

Use Creative Studio to Upload Your Video  

Creator Studio is an all-in-one tool for creators and businesses to post content to both Facebook and Instagram. We recommend using Creator Studio to upload your videos to Facebook for three key reasons.

  • You can easily post to both Facebook and Instagram using just one tool.
  • You can post photos, videos, stories, and go live with Creator Studio.
  • Facebook is currently phasing out some of the features on business pages and encourages the use of Creator Studio, so you might as well learn how to use it sooner rather than later!

To save you some time, we’ve added a couple of links below to help you get started with Creator Studio: 

Create Custom Thumbnails For Each Video 

We recommend adding a custom video thumbnail to each video you upload to ensure a clean, compelling look for that post. The video thumbnail is the image viewers will see when your video loads but hasn’t yet played. 

Now, if you have worked with UNANIMOUS in the past, then you know that we always provide a thumbnail image with every video we produce. We recommend using the thumbnail we provided when uploading your video to this platform. 

Add Closed Captions

We recommend adding closed captions (also called subtitles) to each video you upload to Facebook. This allows viewers to watch videos with the sound muted and understand any dialogue or narration. It’s especially important when videos auto-play with the sound muted. Adding captions to your videos also makes them more accessible to anyone with hearing impairments.

When UNANIMOUS produces videos, we provide you with a file to upload and create instant captions that have been proofed and verified. Facebook does offer an auto-generating tool for captions. If you use this tool, make sure to review and correct any words that the software doesn’t get right before posting your video. 

Congrats! Now you are able to get the most out of uploading your business video to Facebook thanks to the tips and tricks we have compiled here in our blog!

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