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Ellynne Bridal

Bridal Website Design & Development

Ellynne Bridal has been making Nebraska brides beautiful for 15 years. Its wide range of options makes it certain that brides will find their ideal style. Ellynne Bridal decided to update its website and came to UNANIMOUS for our expertise in design and development.

"UNANIMOUS was excellent to work with throughout the site design process. From concept to execution the team delivered exactly what we were asking for and made the whole process extremely easy.  We are 100% satisfied with the new site design."

Zachary Rustad

Ellynne Bridal
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Bridal Website Development

Ellynne Bridal’s new website was designed to be simple, but yet highlight what Ellynne Bridal has to offer. We created the website on Drupal to easily provide Ellynne Bridal with a user-friendly content management system.

One of the most important features was to have an appointment button so brides could easily request an appointment. The website now features two prominent calls to action for brides to book an appointment. The integration of Ellynne Bridal’s scheduling software allows for a seamless experience transitioning from interacting with the website to scheduling an appointment. In addition, we developed an event feed to highlight the upcoming events brides can attend. The website also includes video testimonials showing brides saying yes to the dress and designer logos, so brides can easily see the bridal lines available in the store.

Another important aspect of the new website includes the frequently asked questions section. Brides are often unsure of what their first appointment will look like. “How many people should I bring?” “What do I wear?” are common questions. These and many more are now are listed on Ellynne Bridal’s website to ensure all brides have an experience that is stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable.

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