Let Research Guide Your Marketing Initiatives


Great ideas don’t just come out of thin air. Every successful advertising campaign begins with research. It is the most important first step in any marketing initiative. Whether you’re looking to reposition yourself in the market or change your communication strategy, the research process provides valuable insight into getting to know your target audience, allowing you to develop a cohesive message that will really resonate. In this article, we will outline the basics of the quantitative and qualitative research UNANIMOUS offers that can help you better understand your target audience.

At UNANIMOUS, we begin each new client relationship with a discovery phase. During the discovery phase, we strive to deeply understand every aspect of the brand to move forward in the right direction. We ask open-ended questions so our findings are not predetermined and we can uncover valuable information about the brand. This helps us to identify the problem and what clarification needs to come from it, which in turn informs our communication strategy: what we want to say, who we want to say it to, and how we say it.

We’ll begin with quantitative research, which most commonly consists of consumer surveys. Quantitative research is driven by statistics and represents a larger number of people than qualitative data. Surveys are great for brands with access to a large population of their target audience and a desire to gain insights through the strength of the numbers. This type of research is effective in testing hypotheses and quantifying data to help drive decisions. While UNANIMOUS does conduct surveys, here we are going to focus on qualitative research, where we dive in to understand the why behind customers’ responses, their motivations, and create a narrative around that.  

Qualitative market research is an essential part of our process. At UNANIMOUS, these primarily take place in the format of focus groups or interviews. The reason we advocate for this kind of research is that it allows us to get inside the minds of your customers. It helps us analyze how your consumers make sense of the world and where your product or service fits into their lives. Focus groups provide valuable insight and can dig deep into issues with open-ended questions. Open discussion is essential to discover what motivates your customer, how they make decisions, and existing perceptions of your product or service.  The UNANIMOUS team develops carefully thought-out questions that allow for relaxed discussions and extra time for unexpected feedback. We ensure a comfortable environment for individuals to share open and honest opinions. Group members are encouraged to answer freely without our discussion leader pressuring or prompting a desired answer. This helps the flow of independent conversation so we can thoughtfully identify where the problem lies and how to solve it by understanding the unique experiences of your consumers.

Research helps uncover specific information about a problem and is a critical first step in any marketing endeavor. It helps determine the consumers’ perceptions and desires so we can effectively channel our marketing efforts. It allows us to fine-tune our processes and identify areas for improvement while paving the way for new ideas and overall better communication between the brand and the audience. We aren’t just telling you random stuff to do. Everything we say is grounded in intentional research and strategy, which in turn helps us more thoroughly understand your brand so you can better serve your audience.

If you’re looking to reposition yourself in the market or update your branding, let the research experts at UNANIMOUS uncover first-hand insights, so your marketing communication creates a lasting impact on your audience.

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