Communication is Cornerstone

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The Right Messages at the Right Time 

Inflation, supply chain challenges, customer expectations, digital communication, and recruitment are some of the top concerns in the business world right now. We understand those are heavy topics and have complex, evolving solutions.

In our last blog, we discussed building the foundation of your organization’s verbal identity—the written or spoken components of your brand.

We’d like to address the importance of external messaging and share some insights on how creating messages that align all elements of your brand can make it easier to communicate about the complex topics your team is facing.

With proper attention already given to your mission, vision, and values, you can now explore developing your messaging. Not surprisingly, this is not always best accomplished by gathering a large internal committee.

Instead, utilize a small leadership team with a clear understanding of your broad objectives to collaborate with a branding team if you don’t have someone in-house with adequate time or experience to allot toward the project.

Tone & Voice

Begin by creating an authentic voice to lead the charge for your messaging. Your voice comprises the traits that guide your communication. It guides HOW you say your messages and the tone in which it is delivered. The brand voice is used internally to pilot all internal and external message development. A well-developed voice can save every department a lot of time.

Brand Promise

Your brand promise is a single statement that captures what people can expect from you. It’s what people can expect from your brand with every interaction. Your promise sets the stage for your external messaging and is extremely important to help meet customer expectations.

Key Brand Promise

Evaluate what your key messages need to be and then create authentic, understandable, and focused key selling points or benefits of your organization. These well-crafted messages guide your presence in print, web, and verbal communication. By spending the time to strategically create these messages, your internal team can seamlessly develop emails, create ad content, or publish posts within a fraction of the time. Also, creating tailored key messages will help you reach diverse audiences more effectively.

Brand Pitch

Developing a concise message about your organization helps everyone on your team and everyone who supports your efforts accurately and quickly answer questions to promote your organization. Sometimes referred to as an elevator pitch, this explanation showcases who you are, what you do, and why it matters within the short time a person may spend in conversation on an elevator.

Brand Tagline

Not all organizations need or want a tagline. However, it is the most memorable and succinct delivery of your messages. Your tagline will be what your patients, supporters, and employees will remember and recite. Your internal team and your external supporters should be proud to integrate your tagline when displaying your brand.

Strategic development of your verbal identity allows for the efficient creation and delivery of external messages. Whether your communications team is releasing how you’re addressing supply chain delays or how you communicate what differentiates your organization for recruitment efforts, a strong verbal identity is the foundation for brand alignment.

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