Your Brand in the Wild

Your Brand in the Wild

Visual Identity Across Mediums

Your brand is not just a logo or a name—it's a living, breathing entity that interacts with its environment in various ways. At UNANIMOUS,  we understand that a brand extends far beyond the confines of digital screens and printed materials. It's a collection of interactions, experiences, and memories that collectively define how your audience perceives you. Let's explore your brand's journey in the wild and uncover the spaces where it thrives.

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency in branding across all platforms ensures that your logo speaks the same language no matter where it appears—be it on a business card or the side of a building. This consistency builds trust and reinforces brand recognition, making it easier for your audience to identify and connect with your brand on a deeper level.

In the Office: Letterheads, Business Cards, and Company Collateral

The journey often begins in the office, where your brand first takes a tangible form. Letterheads, business cards, and company collateral are not just tools for communication; they are ambassadors of your brand, offering a solid first impression. Environmental design, including graphics and signage in your office, also plays a crucial role. By integrating your brand’s color palette and visual elements into your office space, you reinforce brand consistency for both clients and employees. The quality of materials, the logo's precision, and the choice of colors all work harmoniously to convey your brand’s identity.

On the Go: Swag and Vehicle Wraps

As your brand ventures out into the wild, it can be seen in many places. Branded apparel turns employees, clients, and partners into walking billboards to showcase your identity in a variety of settings. Meanwhile, vehicle wraps transform cars, trucks, and vans into mobile advertisements, capturing the attention of pedestrians and drivers. These moving visuals are a powerful tool for increasing brand recognition and establishing a broad presence in your local landscape.

Online: Websites and Digital Platforms

The digital realm is an expansive ecosystem where your brand can soar. Your online branding efforts include websites, social media profiles, and digital advertisements. Here, consistency is key. The look and feel of your brand should seamlessly transition from print to pixel, maintaining alignment across different platforms. An engaging website and a compelling online presence are crucial for survival in today’s crowded marketplace.

In the Community: Sponsorships and Events

Every brand is part of a larger community, and participating in local events, sponsorships, and collaborations is a way to embed your brand within the culture of your audiences’ lives. These opportunities allow your brand to interact with people in meaningful ways, building relationships and creating memorable experiences that resonate with the community. Whether sponsoring a local sports team or participating in charity events, these engagements show your brand's willingness to contribute to the common good.

Thriving in the Wild

Every brand has its unique journey. At UNANIMOUS, we don’t just release your brand into the wild and hope for the best. We believe in strategic adaptation, creative resilience, and the power of collaborative partnerships. Our mission is to develop authentic brands, ensuring our clients look and sound their very best by aligning your brand's verbal and visual identities with your goals. Ultimately, we want to help you create a cohesive and compelling narrative that resonates with audiences every time they encounter your brand.

UNANIMOUS is a full-service branding agency based in the heart of the Midwest—Lincoln, Nebraska. They have partnered with clients to develop strong brand alignment through strategic marketing, creative design, engaging websites, and compelling video projects of all sizes. UNANIMOUS is known for collaborative partnerships and works with various clients nationwide. The agency prides itself on rhyme, reason, and results.

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