Getting Lost in Sameness?

lost in sameness graphic - pile of pawns

Why Differentiation Is Key

In a world where many organizations claim to be the thought leaders, the most trusted, and the best, the real challenge lies in standing out from the crowd. So, how can you ensure your organization doesn't get lost in the sea of sameness?  Determining ways to communicate what differentiates your organization—beyond standard, overused industry buzzwords—builds loyalty and attracts patients and employees.

We are suggesting you evaluate the promotional costs of entry in your industry. We are referring to the standard expectations every organization should provide, such as well-trained staff, responsive service, and trusted interactions. Most would agree these attributes are valuable but also can be considered minimum requirements. Would you regularly choose to conduct business with someone you don’t trust? 

We challenge you to identify and communicate the characteristics making you different and those that go beyond meeting your customers’ minimum expectations.

Utilize a small leadership team with a clear understanding of your broad objectives—and approval power—to collaborate with internal or external marketing professionals to determine your communication strategy and verbal identity components. Evaluate what makes your organization different and what matters most to those seeking products, services, or employment. 

Consider how you’re different in your approach to:

  • Customer care
  • Products and services
  • Innovation and technology
  • Quality control
  • Features and benefits
  • Community engagement

Standing out within your industry requires more than poignant key messages. A well-developed verbal identity and a strategic communication strategy help promote your organization's unique values and characteristics. Differentiating your attributes creates brand awareness and builds loyalty among customers, employees, and the community.

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