Annual Reports Come in All Shapes and Sizes


It’s that time of year again… when organizations and corporations turn their attention to annual reports, (sometimes with a combination of dread and anxiousness). But it doesn’t need to be. Annual reports have evolved from 40-page behemoths to be more digestible and fit your specific needs and those of your target audience. The key is evaluating what will work best for you.

UNANIMOUS creates a wide variety of annual reports: postcard mailers, brochure mailers, booklets, interactive versions, and combinations of print and web. It’s important to determine a budget and prioritize the information your audience is interested in. Based on your evaluation, you may find that your current annual report is overly detailed and can be cleaned up and pared down. In general, audiences are more interested in numbers and storytelling. How do numbers support your cause and how do stories help illustrate your message? Changing the orientation of your report from portrait to landscape or square can also breathe life into the design.

For Norris Public Schools, a folded annual report mailer has been a great tool for connecting with parents and school district residents. It highlights school year accomplishments and goals in a cost-effective vehicle. “Norris has relied on UNANIMOUS as an instrumental partner in helping to design our district's annual report, and our patrons have been consistently thrilled with the final product,” stated Norris Superintendent John Skretta. “This yearly report, which contains key visual, narrative, and statistical information about our district, is a touchstone of information and a vital component of our district's public relations plan. More importantly, UNANIMOUS knows Norris. Their thorough understanding of our stakeholders and the culture of our school ensure that the UNANIMOUS flair for design results in an annual report that is a meaningful and memorable message to our community.“

A major trend over the last 10 years is interactive annual reports. They’re typically landing page websites that allow you to highlight information in a fun and interactive environment. Incorporating video, animated graphs/numbers, and infographics, all add to the intrigue. An online presence has the added benefit of being accessible year-round and linkable through email and social campaigns.

Another trend we’ve seen at UNANIMOUS is the combination of printed reports and accompanying interactive versions. Using this approach, organizations develop a full-scale printed report for high-level donors and then provide an interactive version for all other stakeholders. This approach saves on print costs while still being inclusive for everyone.

Have an idea for an annual report or looking for a new direction? We’d love to help you find the best solution that fits your needs.


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