The Willa Cather Foundation

Located in Red Cloud, Nebraska, The Willa Cather Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the legacy of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Willa Cather through education, preservation, and the arts. UNANIMOUS has worked with the Foundation on a number of initiatives, including branding, marketing, and most recently, the second evolution of its website.

    Website Design Objectives

    • Enhance visitor engagement with rich features and serve as a powerful resource for anyone interested in Willa Cather
    • Ensure accessibility through tablets and mobile devices 
    • Equip their internal team with a robust CMS
    • Increase traffic, membership signup, donations, and sales on the website

    Website Design Results

    • Powerful content management system creates workflow efficiencies and website control
    • The responsive website is mobile and tablet friendly
    • Average of 3 page views per visit  
    • Average of over 3 minutes per visit
    • Organic search is 60.9%
    • Over 71% of traffic is new visitors 

    "The Cather Foundation is incredibly pleased with our new website and confident that it will serve us well for years to come."

    — Ashley Olsen, Executive Director, The Willa Cather Foundation 

    Brand & Logo Development

    UNANIMOUS redeveloped an iconic logo for the Willa Cather Foundation, communicating the organization’s commitment to preserving and promoting the famous author’s work and life—especially the works so uniquely Nebraskan. The silhouette of the plough against the molten red sun was strategically chosen from the famous passage in My Antonia  — "On some upland farm, a plough had been left standing in the field. The sun was sinking just behind it." Willa Cather provided the description that UNANIMOUS created visually. Additionally, the Lora Regular font was chosen as homage to the typewriter Cather used.

    Marketing Collateral

    Strong marketing collateral like a brochure serves as a great stewardship piece for your organization. UNANIMOUS worked with The Willa Cather Foundation to design and develop a trifold brochure highlighting Willa Cather and Red Cloud. The brochure is utilized at the museum and is distributed throughout the surrounding communities. Additionally, the brochure directs visitors to the Foundation website and provides a useful map and historical information.

    The Willa Cather Foundation Website Design

    The Willa Cather Foundation website provides many rich features for visitors as well as desktop and mobile capabilities. Robust search functionality also makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. The website stays up to date and relevant with ever changing News and Events feeds which are prominently featured on the home page. Visitors find a streamlined shopping experience as well as a system that is also set up for the collection of international payments. The new website offers membership signup and a simplified process to donate and collect payments. An interactive flip-book allows visitors to explore "Serena's Album," the Victorian friendship album in which the teenaged Willa Cather made a memorable entry under the name "Wm. Cather M.D." A downloadable newsletter library is now available with filters for public and members-only content.

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