HTI Plastics

TruTac state-of-the-art no slip gun stock technology is a new product from HTI Plastics in Lincoln, Nebraska. To launch the new product and drum up B2B interest, HTI and UNANIMOUS teamed up to create branding, a carrying case, and accompanying marketing collateral. The packaging was designed to position TruTac as an industry leader and was sent directly to 50 key influencers in firearm manufacturing, with a goal to form long-term partnerships.

Custom Branding, Packaging, and Marketing Collateral

To capture the essence of the TruTac technology, UNANIMOUS first designed a memorable logo and branding. Branding elements included a special ops soldier and a green night-vision aesthetic to reinforce the ideal target market of military usage. 

TruTac Carrying Case

A custom carrying case with the TruTac branding was designed and developed to hold two sample products, a flyer, and a sales associate’s business card. The case included custom foam inserts for each component as well as a flash drive with a digital presentation. Fifty of the cases were sent to key influencers in the firearm industry.

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