Headquartered in Lincoln with offices worldwide, Geist is a manufacturer of power, cooling, and monitoring equipment for data centers. With multiple product lines and sub-brands, Geist partnered with UNANIMOUS to create tighter alignment between the brand and its sub-brand. The new brand strategy included an updated logo, naming conventions, brand guidelines, and tagline, as well as enhancements to the website.  

    Branding & Website Objectives

    • Evaluate and determine if a house of brands was in Geist’s best interest for the long-term
    • Create a logo architecture based on the brand strategy
    • Provide a mission, the core values, brand promise, and tagline that the Geist team could embrace and gain buy-in
    • Address immediate website pain points with content, viewing, PDFs, and so forth that had a direct impact on customers and sales
    • Continue to integrate with SalesForce, Mail Chimp, Get Hub, and the PDU Finder catalog

    Branding & Website Results

    • The brand was aligned with a branded house branding architecture
    • The new mission, values, brand promise and positioning have been updated and embraced by the team 
    • Clean, organized, user interface and simplified main navigation from 9 to 6
    • Improved internal management of the CMS
    • Over 10,000 website visits per month
    • On average 3 minutes per visit and 4 pages per visit
    • 60% of traffic is from organic search 

    AMA Prism Award Winner

    Brand Architecture

    UNANIMOUS conducted a full inventory of Geist’s brands, including history, strengths, competition, and market position, as well as an audit of marketing materials. Evaluation and research led UNANIMOUS to take Geist from a house of brands to a branded house with the primary focus on the Geist brand.

    Geist has been providing solutions for over 65 years and has grown into a prominent player within the data center market. The Geist brand carries a strong reputation of high-end power products customized to very particular customer needs and delivered with unmatched speed. The brand speaks to quality, reliability and service. A branded house would leverage Geist’s brand equity and quality perception across all complementary product lines. There were also other benefits:

    • Brand has more visibility with less cost involved
    • Promoting “solutions” or cross selling services becomes easier
    • Marketing and ad spending efficiencies
    • Simplifies messaging to employees, customers, analysts, agents, and distributors
    • Better aligns organization internally and externally

    The brand alignment strategy included an updated logo, naming conventions, brand guidelines, core values, brand promise, and tagline – Future Thinking. Solutions Today. The strong cohesive structure and color palette of the logo creates an instantly recognizable architecture for Geist and its comprehensive system of products and services.



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