UNANIMOUS Launches Website for Lied Center for Performing Arts


The Lied Center’s new website is a reimagined, online hub that showcases the dynamic performances and educational opportunities it offers. The new design and functionality of the website create a seamless user experience for Nebraska’s home for the arts. Reinventing a website to cater to a diverse audience was the main focus of the project, as the Lied Center serves a broad range of constituents.

In order to provide the best experience possible, UNANIMOUS developed a site that met the goals of eye-catching visual content, broader visibility of sponsors, increased ticket sales, and improvement in the design of the event pages.

The website includes a mobile design so visitors can receive accurate and detailed information about events, upcoming shows, tickets, and the Lied Center – all from your phone. The new website includes information about the Lied Center itself, rentals, and donations.

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