Nebraska Surgical Specialists Rebrands with Precision

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dr. Paul Kampfe unveiled a complete rebrand of Nebraska Surgical Specialists in 2016. Dr. Kampfe had taken over the 13-year-old general surgery office in Lincoln, Nebraska, and looked to UNANIMOUS for a comprehensive branding strategy to better position himself and the practice. UNANIMOUS partnered with the health care provider to develop a communication strategy, brand, tagline, print collateral, website, media plan and environmental signage.

The redesigned logo articulates precision and expertise, while still being friendly and approachable. A distinct blue color palette was intentionally chosen to differentiate from other local competitors. The logo mark is a distinctive “S” with a hidden “N” encased inside with a subtle nod to a medical scalpel. The mark is versatile, distinct and professional. UNANIMOUS created the tagline “Skilled Hands. Personalized Care.” to highlight and reinforce Dr. Kampfe’s 30 years of experience and his exceptional patient care.

To address the need for patient referrals, UNANIMOUS designed and created a comprehensive print packet that included a branded pocket folder, referral letter, practice brochure, pediatric flyer, testimonial flyer, notecards, referral pads, appointment cards, business cards and branded pen. In turn, Dr. Kampfe personally delivered the packets to local doctors and hospitals to introduce himself and inform them about Nebraska Surgical Specialists. Research and the communication strategy developed by UNANIMOUS helped to inform print collateral materials, website content, navigation and the year-long advertising and media plan.

Dr. Kampfe was extremely pleased with the overall project. A Nebraska Surgical Specialists brand launch open house included notable attendees such as the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, 10/11 News (story featured on the evening news), prominent doctors, and most importantly the CEOs of Bryan Health and CHI St. Elizabeth’s. Hospital CEOs and doctors are key influencers and a crucial component of a business model heavily relying on referrals.

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