Midland University You Matter Campaign


UNANIMOUS recently worked with Midland University on a new campaign to connect and engage with university alumni. The campaign entitled You Matter targets Midland alumni with specific fundraising goals aimed at scholarship opportunities and construction projects on campus.

UNANIMOUS designed and developed a custom landing page at http://youmatter.midlandu.edu to serve as the hub of the You Matter campaign. All print and digital media directs back to the landing page and allows for detailed tracking and analytics to measure conversion rates. The landing page features testimonial videos, detailed information on upcoming projects and a tag board providing fresh, user-generated content. Fundraising goals are prominently displayed on the website and animate to show the number of donors and capital raised.

The You Matter campaign was further supported with print collateral designed as a leave behind to direct recipients to the landing page. A custom die-cut pocket folder was created along with a brochure highlighting key touch points. The pocket folder features soft-touch coating and a spot UV finish to create a high-end leave behind. The folder allows for easy customization with inserts based on the recipients’ interests and background.