Cheever Construction Launches New Custom Website


Cheever Construction, a commercial general contractor founded 60 years ago, is committed to providing specialized solutions and services that align with each client’s goals. Cheever’s website needed to be as flexible, and live up to that commitment. With that in mind as a foundation for design and build, UNANIMOUS is pleased to announce Cheever Construction’s new custom website, located at

The new mobile-friendly website is sophisticated and intuitive, offering visitors a more interactive experience and offering Cheever staff members a significantly more effective way to manage content. A dynamic project browser allows visitors to explore and filter projects based on delivery, service, industry, and location. With a click of a button, project PDFs can be instantly downloaded and printed in a branded custom layout.

An integral feature of Cheever’s new website is a custom Online Plan Room. The updated Plan Room streamlines processes for both subcontractors and Cheever project managers. A single sign-on gives subcontractors access to all bid projects in a simple-to-use system. Cheever project managers were able to define, automate, and create a custom workflow from subcontractor lists to distribute bid opportunities and track results.

“UNANIMOUS was the right firm for us to do the job we set out to do,” said Cheever Director of Business Development Doug Klute. “We would say here are our goals, and UNANIMOUS would say here are your solutions. Our website delivers new features that help us serve our clients and project partners even better.”

UNANIMOUS is a marketing agency that assists clients with branding, marketing, and website design. With over 350 active clients across 15 states, the agency is known for its collaborative style and prides itself on rhyme, reason, and results.