Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your logo is your organization's first impression. People you want to connect with are going make judgments about the quality of your organization based solely on your logo. Does your current logo accurately represent the quality of your organization and brand? Are you making the best possible first impression? At UNANIMOUS, our design process is thoughtful and intentional. Whether you want a new logo design or are looking to re-brand your organization, you need a logo that authentically and professionally represents who you are. We have created a strategic approach that examines your company from all angles and extends your personality into every aspect of your brand. Our creativity, experience, and honest passion for what we do allow us to design the best possible logo for your brand. And it all starts with getting to know you.


Our Logo Design & Brand Development Process

What can you expect from the UNANIMOUS logo design and branding process? A few elements that come to mind are strategy, intention, research, and trust. Your goals and objectives come first, and we become more than just a branding agency, but your partner and extension of your team. Your project is unique from every other project and requires a trusting relationship, thoughtful approach, and unique strategy. Our customized process helps us understand your organization, build an engaging partnership, and position your brand for the future.

  • Discovery & Research
  • Creative Concepting
  • Revise, Refine & Finalize
  • Architecture & Guidelines
  • Launch & Implement

Logo Discovery & Research

During the logo research and discovery process, learning everything about your company is our top priority. We immerse ourselves in your business and gather insights from all the perspectives that interact with your brand. Be it employees, customers, prospects, or otherwise, our team is committed to uncovering perceptions and insights so we can create a logo and brand that not only looks amazing but resonates with your audience. We’ll dive into everything from company history, competition, target audiences, and focus in on what makes you unique and differentiates you from your competition. We'll use all of this information as the driving force behind our creative so we can deliver a logo design that captures the essence of your brand.

Creative Logo Design & Brand Development

After assessing all of the information captured during the logo discovery and research process, we start on the logo design and development process. The logo design process begins with sketching, brainstorming, and of course, many many logo iterations. We develop logo concepts and start narrowing in on what designs accurately capture your brand. We then select initial logo concepts and dive into font treatments, colors, and brand architecture to see how your logo will look across your organization. This is where things start to come to life.

Reviewing, Revising, & Finalizing Your Logo

We present final logo design concepts to you, along with logo variations, font treatments, and color palette options, and explorations. To put things into context, we dive into to what your logo will look like in real life by creating use case examples. These might include mockups for t-shirts, vehicles, print ads, yard signs, or other instances where you'd like to see your new logo. We present all of these options and ideas for your consideration along with the rationale of reason. It’s a very collaborative approach where we discuss thoughts, reactions, and feedback so we can adjust the logo options to meet your needs.

Brand Launch & Implementation

During this phase, we finalize any aspects of the logo based on any feedback gathered during the presentation. Once we finalize the logo concepts, we develop a style guide that lists everything you need to know about your brand and prep final logo files. Once the style guide is complete, it’s time to start implementing your new logo. We create a custom identity kit that includes business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and everything you need to start promoting your new brand. We work with you to prioritize what items are updated or developed first and continue implementing your new logo.

Logo Refresh & Brand Enhancement

Maybe you're not creating a new logo from scratch. Perhaps you are looking to polish, improve, or evolve an existing Logo. UNANIMOUS will help you evolve your logo and enhance your overall brand. We will work closely with you to understand the necessary goals and objectives for the logo change and make sure that the next evolution of your logo is a modern representation of your brand and something you are proud of.

Logo Design & Branding Projects

It's as much about the process as it is about the final product. Click on the logo design and branding projects below to learn more about how we've been able to help great companies achieve amazing results. Check back often as we're always adding new logo design and branding projects.