Let's Get Digital

Digital marketing provides a unique opportunity for you to target your ideal customers based on specific characteristics. At UNANIMOUS, our digital marketing services will help you identify your target audience and the behaviors and preferences that define them. Whether you're looking for a competitive paid ads approach, a search engine optimization audit, a social media revamp, or a combination of all the best practices, our experience and approach will help you establish your online presence. 

Social Media Management

Effective social media marketing requires more than setting up an account and clicking publish. People often forget about the social aspect of social media. Yes, we want to promote your brand and generate leads, but we also want to start engaging conversations that add value to your audience's lives. To generate a return on your investment, we identify who you want to talk to, what you want to talk to them about, and the best platform for those two things to connect. Our involvement in social media is tailored to fit your needs. We can help guide you through the setup, decide the strategy for content, coach you on how to connect with fans, provide posting recommendations, create guidelines, and anything in between.


Social Media Advertising

Now you’re probably thinking, what’s the difference between social media management and advertising? Good question. While social media management focuses on the social aspect of creating engaging conversations with your existing audience, social media advertising focuses on the media part. It’s all about getting your message in front of potential customers and followers.

Our experts craft detailed advertisements with compelling copy and graphics and place them on the ideal platforms to boost your online presence and increase sales. With social media advertising, you can tailor your ads by location, interests, brands consumers already follow, demographics, and so much more. With so many personalization options, you can easily advertise to your perfect customer, ensuring no wasted dollars are spent.


Pay-per-click, most commonly known as PPC, is a way to supplement your organic search results with the addition of Google Ads. We strategically create Google Ads to target specific consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences. We focus on search, display, and remarketing and help you determine which strategies are the best fit for your target audience so your business can achieve its goals. PPC advertising is also available on various social media platforms, which UNANIMOUS takes into consideration when developing your digital marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website with specific keywords so you can rank higher in Google’s organic search results. At UNANIMOUS, we develop unique SEO strategies using specific keyword research tools. These tools allow us to discover the exact words and phrases people are using to find your business and then optimize your website and landing pages for those specific keywords. 

By optimizing your website and landing pages, when users search for relevant keywords, your brand will be conveniently at the top of organic listings for consumers to see. This improves your website's visibility and drives quality traffic for your business. Let UNANIMOUS help you grow your organic presence and gain more customers. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a valuable method for building and engaging with your audience on an ongoing basis. There are various types of email marketing techniques such as newsletters, automated campaigns, upsell/cross-sell emails, abandoned cart series, and more. We strategize to determine which techniques are relevant to your audience and integrate it with the rest of your marketing efforts for maximum results. No matter what email technique we’re using, each is crafted with strategic messages and design to encourage your customers to take action and interact with your business.