Branding, Rebranding, & Logo Design

Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it — your brand is no different. It's your organization's first impression, and people will make an instant decision about the value of your work based on your brand alone. It’s important to be intentional and to ensure that your brand represents the quality of work you do.

Naming & Renaming

The right company name should stand for something and connect with your target audience instantly. People are likely to make assumptions about the quality and professional nature of your business simply based off of your name alone. UNANIMOUS utilizes a proven process to make sure your name is timeless, unique, and representative of who you are and what you do. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for help renaming your company, we are happy to consult with you on this important endeavor.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your logo is the keystone of your brand. A new logo design or updating your existing logo will have a significant impact on your business and the overall perception of your brand. Through a discovery and research process, UNANIMOUS will work to gain important insights that will establish a foundation and shape the overall creative direction for your brand. We are strategic and intentional as we consider the color application, shape, font choices, and how the logo will reproduce in print, online, and across all mediums.


Persona & Positioning

Be consistent, know your voice, and discover what differentiates you from your competition. Understanding your organization’s persona will empower you to stay focused, hone your tone, and build trust in the marketplace. Good positioning will define key messaging points, value propositions, and inform potential clients as to why they should choose you over the competition. Your positioning is built on a deep understanding of your customer's needs, makes your organization unique, sustainable, authentic, and sets the stage for your company culture.

Graphic Design, Collateral & Signage

The UNANIMOUS team always thinks about the big picture as we develop your brand identity, a campaign, or even a single marketing initiative. Our talented team of creatives will provide you with the effective marketing materials needed to drive sales and increase your brand awareness. UNANIMOUS will create everything you need including signage, print pieces, digital touchpoints, stationery, and more. We make sure that all of your brand elements adhere to brand standards, are clear, concise, have a call to action, and can be tracked for effectiveness.

Brand Architecture & Logo Alignment

Brand architecture, or the way multiple brands align within your organization, should be considered as you think about your brand image, marketing efforts, and the overall general impression of your organization. UNANIMOUS will help you determine the best brand architecture and alignment strategy for your organization. We learn in great detail about each brand, including strengths and weaknesses, competition, current market position, as well as short-term and long-term objectives.

Company Culture

Creating your brand culture will influence how your organization is regarded both internally and externally. Culture starts with a vision, mission, and values and will have a notable impact on your recruitment strategy and team development. Paying attention to the culture of your organization will ensure you attract and retain the right type of people and keep them performing at the top of their game. UNANIMOUS will help you to define a culture that speaks to your strengths, appeals to your target audience, and connects with potential hires.

Trade Show & Exhibit

UNANIMOUS will provide you with all the design services you need to promote your company at trade shows worldwide. From creative graphics to brochures, flyers, promotional materials, environmental graphics, interactive components, and pre-event materials, we help to create an experience that customers, prospects and business partners will remember. We can help with all of your large scale exhibit layout and trade show graphic design needs.